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RCX - Redirection Compactor eXpress - Terms of Service

You may not use this site to assist any illegal activity or to hide such crimes as outlined by the State of California.

NO SPAM! If you spam through email or instant messaging or forums or any other form of illegal unsolicitation, then you are not allowed to use our service nor submit links for others to use, and your account will be suspended.

NO PORN! No linked to sites that link to pornography or any adult content is allowed.

We may provide the local and/or government and/or police and/or court all details pertaining to offending traffic to our servers. We may also share any information collected for whatever purposes we deem appropriate.

We are not responsible for any damages, physical or emotional or virtual, that may be caused by the use of this site.

Please CONTACT US immediately if you find any violations of these Terms of Service.