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RCX - Redirection Compactor eXpress

Q: What does RCX mean?
A: RCX means Redirection Compactor eXpress
A: RCX means Reverse Crypt eXtractor
A: RCX means Realtime Coin eXchange
A: iRCX as in Internet Relay Chat eXtreme The shortest IRC domain on Earth.
A: RCX means Regional Coordinates eXpounder for the Free IP Geo Location JSON API service.
A: QRCx means Quick Response Code matriX also known as QR Code.
A: RCX means Rubik's Cube eXpert (You can buy a Rubik's Cube from Amazon.)
A: RCX means Remote Code eXecution, the framework used by PerlObfuscator.Com
A: RCX means Radio Control eXpo as in NitroRCX.Com

Q: What is Redirection?
A: Redirection occurs when the browser is redirected from one URL or address to another URL. Now you can Compact those really long URLs into nice short URLs.

Q: What type of Redirection do you use?
A: We use a 301 Permanent Redirect because it is best for Search Engine Optimization.

Q: Why do I have to type in those annoying words?
A: We use the reCAPTCHA to make sure you are a real person. This helps keep your Compact URLs even more compact since our database won't be filled with automated requests. This also helps reduce abuse of our services by providing more details about the offender so we can take a stronger action against those devil spammers that don't have the discipline to control themselves.

Q: Why do I have to login to submit a URL?
A: Logging in allows you to manage your custom URLs and allows you to view your own visitor and click statistics.

Q: What should I do if I find an illegal link through your service?
A: Contact us immediately with the offending URL, such as r.cx/abc, so we can investigate and/or remove the link and/or punish the violator.